Hiển thị 13–16 của 16 kết quả

SERVICE AND SUPPORT || 1. Warranty: - Normally we provide 1 year for warranty for whole systems from the date of hand-over. We will fully have responsibility for any issue including change a new part if necessary except for case of the failure caused by the user. - In case of the customer need a longer warranty period, we are willing to provide a contract for extra – warranty one more year with a reasonable fee || 2. Training: - We provide a training course for free after hand-over the goods included: programing, operating, maintenance … || 3. Technical support: - Support online via email, phone, team-viewer, ultra-viewer …. - Site support: in case of the trouble cannot be solve by online support, our service engineer will arrange a visit and support at site within 02 hours from the time receiving request. The support free within the period of warranty or extra-warranty. - Update software for free ( in case of it is free from the maker) to improve the ability of system. || 4. Other service: - If the customer have a need for maintenance or repair contract after the machine is used for a long time, we can have a survey and consult the best way and sign a service contract for maintenance or repair - If the machine is broken and cannot fix the trouble immediately, we might request to return machine back to our office or manufacture for troubleshooting depend on the situation. In this case, we can replace an equivalent machine for temporary using during the repairing time. || Vietnam Borries Engineer Mobile phone: +84 973 699 696 (Mr. Bac)