Marking Software

LDM-Makro is a software for the control system of the Borries marking controller. No additional
computer is needed for operation. The Borries marking controller can be operated in the Layout or
Printer Mode (LDM). A variety of configurable functions are stored in the Borries marking controller.

Technical details:
Layout mode

4 independent programmable counter algorithms: start value, step width, reset value, counter
limit, format check.

Different controls of the data can be configured: chassis number (Modulo11), Modulo43,
length and format.

Protection against double marking with password protection (only one single number is ever

Set-up assistance (“Teach-In”).

Acceptance of external full or partial data.

Automatic selection of the layout (10 to 128 layouts with 40 to 3 fields per layout) by external
data, index bits or serial data (layout number or name).

Use of a barcode reader. Up to 3 readings in succession for one marking cycle.

Many other functions.

Printer mode

More influence on the marking job at the higher level point.

Up to 400 lines of 80 characters text each per marking operation.

Many other functions.

Technical details are subject to change.